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Exohom Single Meeting Booth

29,500 AED
Color: Blue
Size: W 110 X H 220 CM
W 110 X H 220 CM
Material: MDF PU Painted - Glass - Acoustic Cushion Fabrics
MDF PU Painted - Glass - Acoustic Cushion Fabrics
MDF PU Painted - Glass - Acoustic Cushion Fabrics
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The Exohom single meeting booth is a modern solution to revolutionize how meetings are conducted in highly professional settings. This state-of-the-art meeting booth provides you with excellent comfort and a luxurious environment for your working space.

The Exohom single meeting booth is designed for use in crowded areas, absorbing unpleasant sounds from your surroundings and providing you with noise-free space to focus on your work. The material used to make this booth is of high quality, durable, and aesthetic. The compact size of the booth makes it flexible to fit in any workspace. The Exohom single meeting booth size is W 110 cm X H 220 cm.

The superiority of the table makes it ambient and enhances its overall appearance. The most amazing feature of this booth is its technology which minimizes noise with its sound-absorbing panels and acoustic material. The meeting booths are available in different sizes, from small to large conference booths. These booths are suitable for open-plan offices where distraction is common. The booth's ventilation system is also commendable, providing fresh air.

The cutting edge audio and video technology is also fitted in this meeting booth to make communication easier. There are speakers, a display screen, and a microphone. The interior of the meeting booth is comfortable, and one can easily move inside it. The booth's lighting system is adjustable, allowing users to set it according to their preferences.

The material used to make this booth is MDF PU painted glass and acoustic cushion fabric which gives you a comfortable seating experience. The booth is available in three colors green, blue, and white. Overall, the Exohom Single Meeting Booth gives you a plush atmosphere to effectively conduct your meetings, conferences, or other calls.

Shipping & Return

• The current estimated delivery time for our Exohom collection in UAE is 4-6 weeks.
• Depending upon the situation and the product, delivery can be expedited.
• For more information, contact us to understand the delivery process and why we take 4-6 weeks.
• Marble or Granite being natural products bound to have variation in color & Patterns. Also
Veins, Surface crack are characteristics of natural stones, hence unavoidable.
• Product once ordered cannot be cancelled.

Sustainability & environment
• The planet must be positively impacted by our actions. As a result, we aim to have all materials in our products recycled or renewable by 2030.
• All the products that we make are from renewable materials such as metal, marble, wood, etc, instead of fossilized or finite materials.