Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair
Brown Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair
Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair Side Look
Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair Nested Backrest

Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair

1,850 AED
Color: Brown
Size: W 71 x D 62 x H 78
W 71 x D 62 x H 78
Material: Powdercoated Metal Frame - Polyester Rope - Cotton Fabric Seat
Powdercoated Metal Frame - Polyester Rope - Cotton Fabric Seat
Powdercoated Metal Frame - Polyester Rope - Cotton Fabric Seat
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We're excited to introduce the new Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair to your home. This amazing piece of furniture will add a touch of class and luxury to any outdoor setting due to its modern and stylish design that will never go out of style. This chair has been expertly crafted to last through all four seasons, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor haven.

The Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair is low-maintenance, allowing you to spend more time appreciating its comfort and less time tending to its requirements. Cleaning becomes effortless, allowing you to preserve its pristine appearance effortlessly and with little effort.

This chair is a natural fit in various contexts due to its adaptability. The chair can conveniently balance any environment, whether it be a cozy nook in a coffee shop, the lively ambiance of a bustling tavern, or the refined ambiance of a trendy café or restaurant.

With the Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair, you can transform your outdoor area into a tranquil sanctuary. Enhance your surroundings with its alluring presence, turning heads and inviting others to experience its allure. Today, bring home the Soothing Mist Outdoor Chair, the apogee of design and comfort.

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Sustainability & environment
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