5 Things To Know Before Buying a Leather Couch

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A leather sofa is more than just practical furniture; it's a fashion element. When integrated into the design, it quickly makes any space feel more lavish and refined. However, not all leather sofas are the same, and a few factors must be considered first before buying.

After all, you want your leather sofa to last for many years because it is a significant financial commitment. Several factors should be considered before making a final decision, including the quality of the leather, the design, and the color. This article aims to provide you with the knowledge you need to make a sound choice and select the ideal leather sofa for your home.

This blog will discuss 5 things to know before buying a leather couch.

Quality and Types of Leather

One of the most important things to consider when buying a sofa is the quality of the leather used to make it. The natural color and strength of high-quality leather only improve with age and will last for a long time. However, cheap leather may easily crack, peel, and fade, leaving your couch looking old and worn in no time.

Before buying leather furniture, you must familiarise yourself with the available leather types. There are numerous leather varieties, including full-grain leather, top-grain leather, bonded leather, and synthetic leather.

High-quality leather is full-grain, cut from the outermost layer of the hide, and finished to look and feel much like the animal skin it came from. Top-grain leather is the second-best type, derived from the second layer of the fleece and lightly sanded to provide a consistent appearance. Leather scraps are glued or sewn together to create bonded or split leather, which is of poorer quality.

Style and Artistic Design

Not only will the look of your area be affected, but also the functioning of the space will be dependent on the style and design of your leather couch. Think about the dimensions and configuration of your living space, as well as the look and feel you want to achieve. Do you like a more current and contemporary feel or a more conventional and classic style? Which would you prefer, a couch or a sleeper sofa cum bed? Which would you choose: a couch bed or a recliner? There is an infinite number of alternatives. Therefore, you must pick a style and design that caters to your individual preferences and how you live your life.


Leather sofas are available in various colors, from traditional black and brown to daring and vivid colors like red and blue. Consider the hue of the room's walls, flooring, and other furnishings when selecting the color of your leather sofa. If you want your sofa to be the mainstay of the room, bold hues such as red or blue can create an impression. However, black or brown can be excellent options if you prefer something more classic and adaptable.


To maintain leather sofas looking their best, they require regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is needed to prevent splitting, fading, and other damage. As some types of leather may require more maintenance, ensure you comprehend the upkeep requirements of the leather sofa you're considering. Consider the leather's durability and resistance to scratches and stains, particularly if you have children or pets in your residence.


The price of leather couches can vary considerably based on the leather's quality, the design, and the manufacturer. Before making a purchase, establish and adhere to a budget. Remember that a high-quality leather sofa is an asset that can last for many years, so if you can afford it, it is worthwhile to spend a bit more. Nevertheless, here at Exohom UAE, we aim to provide you with the best high-quality leather couches at reasonable prices.

A leather sofa is an excellent acquisition for any home. Before buying a leather sofa, you should evaluate the various leather varieties, grades, colors, care, and price. Doing so lets you select the most suitable leather sofa for your taste and budget that will last for many years.

How long should a leather couch last?

With proper care and maintenance, a leather sofa of high quality should last between 10 and 15 years. However, well-maintained leather sofas can last decades, up to 25 or more years. The longevity of a leather sofa depends on several factors, including the leather's quality, the quantity of use, and the level of maintenance.

How to know if the leather is genuine?

There are several techniques to determine whether or not leather is genuine. Here are some tips:

Check the texture: Genuine leather has a distinct texture that includes flaws such as creases, fissures, and scars. Fake leather will have a consistent texture and no flaws.

Smell the leather: Authentic leather has a distinct odor frequently described as rustic and robust. Synthetic leather may smell the scent of chemicals or plastic.

Check the edges: genuine leather will have unfinished, rough edges, while imitation leather will have flawlessly smooth edges.

Look for a tag: Most genuine leather products will have a marking or label indicating they are made from genuine leather.

What are the Pros and Cons of a leather couch?

  • Leather is a durable material that resists wear and strain better than most other materials.
  • Leather's timeless, classic appearance lends elegance to any space.
  • Leather is a soft, warm material that adjusts to your body's temperature.
  • Leather is simple to clean because spillage can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Leather is an expensive material, and leather sofas can also be expensive.
  • To maintain its appearance, leather requires maintenance, such as regular cleaning and conditioning.
  • Damage susceptibility: Leather is susceptible to scratches, rips, and stains.
  • Temperature fluctuations can cause the leather to crack or wear out.