A Guide to Elevating Your Space with Stylish Console Tables

Stylish Console Tables

The top surface of the console table is supported by brackets or corbels rather than legs, which makes the table unique. The name of the table comes from the Latin word “consolidate” which means strength. The console table is used for narrow spaces like hallways or entrances or maybe the corner of a room. These tables can be used with a mirror or painting on the wall, or behind a sofa where you can place some decorative pieces on them. The console table may be used as a desk if needed. The ideal size of a console table is 35 inches tall. The console tables are an important part of modern interior design and are considered aesthetically pleasing. In this blog, we will learn about the modern console table, where to place them, what are they used for, and many more.

How to style a console table

The console tables have much of their resemblance to coffee tables. We can place lamps, art pieces, decorative pieces, and photo frames or may add a mirror on the wall next to it. The most important step in styling a console table is making an ideal space for its placement. The top world interior designers say that a small hallway can be used to style console tables. The console table can also be replaced with solid pieces of furniture to make a room look less bulky. You may put your cutlery, and tray of glasses, or place some candles on the console table when using in the dining room. The console table should be embellished with a mirror or painting behind it. A sculpture or picture may be placed on it. But it is more important to create a cohesive look and choose a theme according to other furniture. To add a minimalistic look you may add a bowl or vase of flowers. The most important thing is that you should style the table according to the space available.

 Following all of these tips can help you to generate a complete look for your space.

What do you use a console table for?

The console tables are a great way of providing space for your decorative pieces, lamps, frames, and artwork, and give an amazing display to your choices. They can fit in a narrow space and can be designed with other pieces of furniture. There are some console tables that come with shelves and can be used for storage as well.  These tables are also used for office activities such as placing laptops while working. The console tables are also used as room dividers, you may place them in the center of a room on a carpet to separate a section of a room. These are versatile pieces of furniture and can be used in a  variety of ways to add a contemporary touch to your home. The most important thing is to consider the size of the space to be used for the console table.

Where to place a console table?

The console table can be placed in different spaces to beautify the look of your home. Placing a console table in the entranceway is an excellent and classic choice. You may use it as a place to store keys, and mail, or add some decorative pieces. The console tables can be placed in the living room as an elegant decorative element. You can display family photo frames on it. They can be used for storage for books, and files, or using a laptop and creates a look for a home office. The bedroom is also a good choice to place console tables. Just place a rug and put the table on it, the look will be aesthetic and lavish.

Types of console table

The console tables are available in various stylish designs. Each of the tables has a unique style and functionality. A few of these are discussed below:

Traditional wooden console table

The traditional console tables are usually made up of wood and have a classic look. They can also be made with other materials such as metal. These tables go well for homes with formal decor. These tables have detailed crafts on them. They can add a touch of elegance and versatility. Just add some decorative items to these tables and enjoy the look.

Minimalist console table

The minimalist console table is the best choice for those who believe in less is more. These tables have crafted lines and monochromatic colors. They represent a modern way to decorate your home. They have surface space for displaying artwork, frames, vases, etc. They are available in different materials such as metal, glass, and acrylic.

Industrial console table

The industrial console tables are the best choice when you want to add an urban touch to your space. These tables can be a mixture of various materials such as wood and metal. They can be used with modern furniture and adds a touch of ruggedness to your space.

Rustic console table

The Rustic console table tables are made up of wood and can be used in a farmhouse to add coziness. Their finishing is imperfect and gives a space for relaxation. They have simple designs and show charm for any space.

Contemporary console table

The contemporary console tables are made up of a blend of various materials and give a modern look. This is the best choice for those who love modern interior design and want to go with the trend.

Are console tables still in style?

The console tables are considered a timeless choice. The console tables have the capability to go with any style of interior design. They can adapt to the ongoing trend and are a permanent part of interior design.


The console tables give an aesthetic and elegant look to your space. They can be used for various purposes such as for storage. They are timeless and can be used with any trend of interior designing. The most important thing is to choose a perfect space for these tables and use objects for the decor.