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Exohom is a product of Exotic Interiors L.L.C. based in U.A.E. for last 15 years that specializes in manufacturing and delivering high end quality decor for all types of spaces and interiors

Exohom is focused on offering fair prices and top-notch customer services to meet all your furniture needs. As customization is the key to fulfill your needs, style and desires in terms of filling your spaces either at home or office, Exohom unlocks all that.

When you buy from Exohom, you can be confident that you are getting a great deal and we will be here to help you at any time. Most of our customers say they came in as strangers and left as part of the family.

We are constantly building on through new innovations in furniture industry as well as on user journey through our platform for optimal experience with online furniture store.



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    We believe getting your dreams should be the easiest part of your visit to our online store.

One stop for all your decor requirements.

Furniture is a big-ticket item and the decision-making process takes more time. What makes Exohom unique is that we offer users value product information, consumer reviews, shipping information, and much more.

We aim to comply with customers’ expectations that are sky-high, it’s important for us to demonstrate value at every step of the furniture buyer journey. The role of our product page is crucial. It’s the image of a dream that wakes our customers’ interest and prompts them to make their dreams a reality.