Alcor Boucle Armchair
Boucle Fabric Alcor Boucle Armchair
White Alcor Boucle Armchair
Alcor Boucle Armchair Side View
Alcor Boucle Armchair Boucle Armrest
Alcor Boucle Armchair With Arms

Alcor Boucle Armchair

3,450 AED
Size: H 44 cm x W 55 cm x D 52 cm
H 44 cm x W 55 cm x D 52 cm
Material: Wood Frame | Upholster Boucle Fabric
Wood Frame | Upholster Boucle Fabric
Wood Frame | Upholster Boucle Fabric
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Do you want an armchair that will never look out of place? The Alcor Boucle Armchair is the best option you have. This armchair combines traditional and modern elements with its wooden frame, boucle fabric upholstery, and three legs. The Alcor Boucle Armchair's 44 x 55 x 52 centimeters dimensions make it a flexible furniture choice for any space.

The Alcor Boucle Armchair is an attractive and comfortable piece of furniture because of its wooden structure and upholstery from soft boucle fabric. The chair's three legs do double duty as a sturdy foundation and an elegant finishing touch. The boucle fabric gives it depth and texture and a show-stopping decorative accent.

The Alcor Boucle Armchair's timeless style makes it a great fit for homes with conventional or opulent furnishings. Its neutral color scheme and basic yet attractive design complement various interior design aesthetics. The Alcor Boucle Armchair is ideal whether you want a quiet place to read or a luxurious seat to unwind.

The Alcor Boucle Armchair's tiny footprint makes it a great choice for a bedroom or cozy nook. The Alcor Boucle Armchair is the pinnacle of timeless sophistication and cozy relaxation, perfect for reading or sipping tea. Don't wait to buy this comfortable and elegant Alcor Boucle Armchair.
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