Delta Travertine Side Table
Delta Travertine Side Table
Delta Travertine Side Table

Delta Travertine Side Table

4,500 AED
Size: H 40 x W 40 x L 60
H 40 x W 40 x L 60
Material: Natural Travertine Marble
Natural Travertine Marble
Natural Travertine Marble
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Are you looking for the ideal item to finish your home interior? To enhance your house's elegance and natural beauty, consider this amazing Delta Travertine Side Table. This gorgeous sculpture was created with UAE people who enjoy the finer things in life in mind.

Experience the appeal of the beautiful round travertine side table crafted from natural travertine marble. Owing to the dimensions of H 40 x W 40 x L 60, it is a versatile addition to any room, guaranteeing a good balance between practicality and elegance. Due to its small dimensions, this small travertine side table makes it perfect for smaller settings, enabling you to maximize your living space without sacrificing beauty.

Enjoy the alluring appeal of marble, renowned for its enduring beauty and toughness. Our Delta Travertine marble Side Table flows luxury and stands as evidence of the expert craftsmanship that went into its making. Your side table will be unique since each piece of original travertine marble was hand-selected for its distinctive patterns and textures.

As the top supplier of side tables Dubai, we understand your need for exclusivity and the highest quality products. With its easy fusion of practicality and elegance, our Delta Travertine Side Table becomes the center point of any space. This side table adds a touch of luxury to your daily life, whether you use it to display priceless items or to set down your favorite book and cup of coffee.

Enjoy the satisfaction of owning a stunning piece of handcrafted furniture that will certainly become the focal point of your living area.

Enhance your home with a travertine table's classic charm. To get the ideal round or small travertine side table that meets your tastes and enhances your luxurious home, visit our shop or browse our online catalog today. Choose our Delta Travertine Side Table and take your living space to new heights by trusting the specialists in luxury marble side tables!

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• Marble or Granite being natural products bound to have variation in color & Patterns. Also
Veins, Surface crack are characteristics of natural stones, hence unavoidable.
• Product once ordered cannot be cancelled.

Sustainability & environment
• The planet must be positively impacted by our actions. As a result, we aim to have all materials in our products recycled or renewable by 2030.
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