Odilia Designer Dining Table
Odilia Designer Dining Table Edges
Odilia Designer Dining Table Side View

Odilia Designer Dining Table

22,500 AED
Size: H 75 cm x W 240 cm x D 110 cm
H 75 cm x W 240 cm x D 110 cm
Material: Solid Wood | Gold painted Metal
Solid Wood | Gold painted Metal
Solid Wood | Gold painted Metal
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The Odilia Designer Dining Table is a beautiful addition to any dining space, adding an air of refined refinement. Its oval marble top makes this table more than just functional; it's a work of art. The top is constructed from anti-corrosion marble of the highest grade. The unconventional and eye-catching appearance results from the base's mixed components.

The base has a lovely leather band running down the middle, providing depth and coziness to the design. Fluted elements in warm wood frame the edges, starkly contrasting to the cool marble surface. The bottom is finished with a shiny gold metal plate like calacatta circle side table is used in the shape of an oval for a touch of class.

The Odilia Designer Dining Table is not only a beauty to behold, but also a practical marvel. The oval form of the table top allows for plenty of elbow room at mealtime. As a result of the table's stable base, you can eat in peace. The table's low maintenance and simple design make it a great pick for homes with active family members.

If you're seeking for a contemporary and elegant dining table, go no further than the Odilia Designer Dining Table. The sleek look and high-quality construction of this table will make it the focal point of any dining space.

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