Saiph L Shape Sofa
Saiph L Shape Sofa
Saiph L Shape Sofa
Saiph L Shape Sofa
Saiph L Shape Sofa
Saiph L Shape Sofa

Saiph L Shape Sofa

11,950 AED
Size: Length 280 + 60 cm x depth 60 cm x height 70 cm
Length 280 + 60 cm x depth 60 cm x height 70 cm
Material: Natural Wood Structure with Linen Fabric
Natural Wood Structure with Linen Fabric
Natural Wood Structure with Linen Fabric
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The Saiph L shape sofa is an elegant and versatile piece of furniture with amazing finishing. This contemporary sofa is a combination of two sofa sets. The L shape sofa is usually 3 or four-seaters but the Saiph L shape sofa is a five-seater and provides a comfortable sitting position for you. The Sofa can give an aesthetic look to your living spaces such as the corner or center of a room. The cushions of this sofa are covered with soft and high-quality linen fabric. The L shape sofa has a sturdy frame which is made up of natural wood.

The sofa is a new version of the long sofa in which the terminal seat can be placed on one end.  This Saiph L shape sofa can be adorned with other luxurious accessories such as a comfortable headrest or a side cushion. The seat, backrest, and armrest are made up of ergonomic upholstering which provides a relaxing experience.

To give your space a minimalistic chic look, this L shape sofa is the best available choice. Discussing the texture of the sofa, the linen cloth is selected carefully by keeping high-quality material as a priority. The padding of the caph modern sofa is also made with high-quality material in order to give the best ergonomics for the body and make the sofa durable and non-deforming.

The L-Shape sofa usually takes up less space and is the best choice for small homes and apartments. Furthermore, L shape sofas can be fitted in awkward spaces such as corners and it also provides a comfortable position for reading, watching TV, etc. The L shape sofa is affordable as compared to a living room set.

The Saiph L shape sofa is a comfortable piece of furniture for relaxing and entertainment. One of the benefits of L Shape sofa is that it can be separated and used as a single piece. The sofa can be styled with a coffee table in front of it. It is easy to maintain and clean. The L shape sofa is easy to move due to its light weight which gives assistance in cleaning the floor or shifting it from one place to the other. It can be placed in your living room, drawing room, or gaming room, depending on your preference. The sofa can be adjusted with any modern furniture as it depicts the style of this era.  It is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated L shape sofas made by Exohom. 

Cluster Corner Pouf

The Cluster Corner Pouf is an excellent blend of contemporary design and supreme comfort, crafted to enhance your relaxation experience while adding a bit of sophistication to your interior design. Whether you reside in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, or elsewhere, this ottoman is designed to meet your needs for a luxurious and adaptable seating option.

Cluster Corner Pouf, measuring W 110 cm x H 56 cm x D 93 cm, features generous dimensions ideal for reclining and unwinding. Its unique corner design lets it nestle snugly into any corner, optimizing space usage and creating a cozy retreat in the living room or bedroom.

Sink into the cloud-like comfort of the cotton-upholstered Cluster Corner Pouf. The premium materials provide a pleasant feel against the skin, making it the ideal place to recline, read, or have casual conversations with loved ones.

The pouf's in Dubai elegance is complemented by its powder-coated metal legs, which provide remarkable stability and support and add a contemporary touch. Cluster Corner Pouf in UAE is constructed to withstand the rigors of daily use while retaining its exquisite beauty.

The Cluster Corner Pouf embraces the elegance of adaptability. Its design complements a variety of interior aesthetics, whether contemporary, bohemian, or eclectic. Create an inviting and fashionable atmosphere in your living spaces, transforming them into a social hub.

The Corner Pouf adapts effortlessly to your requirements, whether placed in the living room to create additional seating or in the bedroom as a cozy reading nook. Make it your go-to destination for relaxation and recreation.

With the Cluster Corner Pouf, you can redefine your concept of comfort and style. It is a statement item whose exceptional design and craftsmanship leave a lasting impression on anyone.

The luxury Cluster Corner Pouf brings a touch of relaxation and luxury to your home. Indulge in its plush comfort, savor its contemporary appeal, and savor the delightful moments of repose it brings to your living spaces. Discover the ideal spot for tranquility and elegance in your cherished home by incorporating this lovely ottoman into your décor.
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