10 Best Dining Tables in UAE to Transform Your Space

Best Dining Tables

A dining room table is not just a place for meals; it's a versatile hub of activity where one can do homework, work from home, play games with friends, and create unforgettable memories with loved ones. Finding the perfect table that complements your aesthetic and works with your way of life might be difficult.

At Exohom, we have an excellent choice of curated designer dining tables to meet the specific requirements of your style and tastes. The following list provides our top 10 picks for the best dining tables to enhance your eating experience and completely remodel your are

Oval Marble Table - Odilia Designer Dining Table

Odilia Designer Dining Table

The Odilia Dining Table adds visual allure and an organic and natural atmosphere to your dining spaces. This table, which features an oval counter top and an open ledge, can accommodate up to six people and is ideal for storage and accessibility. The Odilia Designer Dining Table is not only a marvel of aesthetics but also of functionality. The tabletop's oval shape provides ample elbow space during meals. You can dine in peace due to the table's sturdy base. The table's low maintenance and simple design make it an excellent choice for active families.

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Marble Top - Melchor Designer Dining Table

Melchor Designer Dining table

The gorgeous Gold Painted Metal Base Melchor Designer Dining table will lend a Mid-Century Modern air to any room it's placed in because of its unique design. The anti-corrosion marble surface exudes refinement with its straight and rounded corners, while the abundant base compliments the table by bringing a touch of richness into your dining space. Due to its exquisite craftsmanship and timelessly elegant design, it is the perfect addition to the decor of any modern home.

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Round Dining Table - Arturo Designer Dining Table

Arturo Designer Dining Table

The Arturo Designer Dining Table is ideal for hosting dinners with the whole family, smaller gatherings, or even large dinner parties because it has enough space for up to six people to dine comfortably. This wood round dining table is constructed from oak wood of the best quality, making it not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and long-lasting.

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Wooden Table - Barton Designer Dining Table

Barton Designer Dining Table

The Barton Designer Dining Table is a work of art that exemplifies walnut wood's timeless elegance and gold-painted metal's glitz. This beautiful piece is meticulously crafted from the finest walnut wood, making it aesthetically appealing, incredibly durable, and long-lasting. The delicate grain pattern of the walnut wood creates an inviting and warm ambience in any dining room, while the gold-painted metal base adds a touch of artistry and glam.

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Oval Dining Table - Mage Designer Dining Table

Mage Designer Dining Table

The Mage Designer Dining Table is not only an aesthetic but also a spiritual delight. It enhances your eating experience with its expansive surface and sturdy construction, making it an ideal option for entertaining guests or simply savoring a meal with family with it’s oval shape. Gathering around the table, you will be mesmerized by its sleek and shiny walnut wood top, which complements the metallic base's dazzling gold finish. Guests will be astonished by the visual balance created by contrasting these elements.

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Glass Dining Table - Vitra Designer Dining Table

Vitra Designer Dining Table

The Vitra Designer Dining Table is one of the best dining tables with a glass table top, crafted from durable and stylish tempered glass of the highest quality. The table's transparent surface adds a sense of luxury to any dining room with its unique and contemporary appearance. This table's glass top and walnut veneer base create a stunning contrast, making it an ideal centerpiece for any stylish dining area.

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Glass Table - Wilma Designer Dining Table

Wilma Designer Dining Table

The Wilma Designer Dining Table is a splendid piece of furniture that completely transforms your home interior. This exquisite table features a 15 mm tempered glass top, which is durable and gives the table's overall design a touch of modernity. The glass top makes this table ideal for everyday use, whether for family gatherings or entertaining. The table's streamlined and minimal design complements any interior design style, from modern to traditional.

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White Dining Table - Freccia Designer Dining Table

Freccia Designer Dining Table

The Freccia Designer Dining Table is the perfect fit for every house due to its combination of premium materials and beautiful design. Moreover, the Freccia Designer Dining Table has a gold-finished metal base that provides robust and stable support for the table. The table's base adds a glimpse of grace to its design, allowing it to stand out and become the prime focus of your dining area. Combining the white marble surface and gold-painted metal base creates a stunning and enduring appearance that will impress your guests.

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Travertine Marble Table - Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table

Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table 

Unique and fashionable, the Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table will elevate your dining room. This travertine marble table's hexagonal design brings a modern element to its outward image. It is crafted from high-quality Travertine stone, which gives it a beautiful aspect and ensures its durability and longevity.

As Travertine is an exceptionally resilient material, you can rest assured that your Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table will endure the passage of time and remain an indispensable part of your home for years to come.

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Marble Top Dining Table - Sadie Designer Dining Table

Sadie Designer Dining Table

The Sadie Designer Dining Table is ideal for those searching for an elegant and functional dining table. The white marble top is simple to clean and maintain, making it ideal for families and individuals who frequently host guests. The scale of the table is also ideal for smaller dining rooms, while still providing ample space for all diners. In addition to providing stability and support, the gold-painted metal base legs lend a touch of glamour to the overall design.

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Whether you prefer a classic wooden dining table or a sleek glass top design, Exohom has the best dining tables that match any interior design to transform your living space. Some dining tables have marble tops and some with glass tops and solid wood bases. There is a variety of outdoor dining tables and dining room tables at Exohom.  

Upgrade your dining room with one of our designer options and make your dining experience more comfortable and stylish. Don't settle for an ordinary dining table - Choose one of our unique and stylish designs to transform your space into a stunning area for entertaining and relaxing.