Creating a Unique Home with Bespoke Furniture in the UAE

Bespoke Furniture in the UAE

Custom-made furniture, usually referred to as bespoke furniture, is produced to order to satisfy the individual intends and specifications of the buyer. Bespoke furniture, instead of mass-produced items, is made specifically to fit a space, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A customized item might range in value in terms of size and shape. It is a solution for imbalanced or unevenly organized spots. It integrates the space and establishes a wonderful focal point in any homeroom. Customers have various interests and preferences, which Exohom Furniture keeps track of. To satisfy their unique demands, we provide a large selection of furniture items that can be customized.

How Custom Furniture Is Created

A laborious process that begins with a client's idea and finishes with a magnificent piece of furniture that perfectly complements their residence goes into making bespoke furniture. Here is a detailed look at the process of creating custom furniture in Dubai:

  • Conceptualization: The procedure starts with a client's idea. The client's recommendations, preferences, and needs are discussed during this phase. The initial insprations and designs are shared with the client.
  • Design and Planning: The designer or artisan puts up comprehensive plans and designs for the furniture after the idea has been decided upon. The appropriate materials, measurements, and design components must be chosen to achieve the client's vision.
  • Material Selection: When making custom furniture, material selection is essential. To get the desired style and feel, customers can choose from a variety of high-quality woods, metals, fabrics, and finishes.
  • Craftsmanship: Expert artisans and craftsmen bring the design to life via their craftsmanship. Each piece of custom furniture is carefully handcrafted, guaranteeing attention to detail and quality that is frequently unmatched in mass-produced things.
  • Finishing touches: To improve the furniture's overall appearance and utility, finishing touches like upholstery, polishing, and hardware selection are carefully examined.
  • Delivery & Installation: Once the custom furniture piece is finished, it is brought to the client's home and professionally installed to ensure it fits perfectly in the designated space.


Exohom ensures that we have a perfect unique product that meets our clients' requirements. Our mission is to design the furniture that fits your space the best, saving you time from searching for items that don't even match the size and design of your home.

The Exohom Experience

Exohom is specialize in Bespoke Furniture that creates stunning furnishings that suit your interests and preferences. Exohom is a pioneer in the field of customized furniture in UAE with a dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

We believe that furniture should express your individuality and sense of taste. Exohom meticulously collaborates with you to comprehend your ideas, preferences and needs through a collaborative design approach. Due to this customized approach, your home will be unique, ensuring every piece of furniture perfectly aligns with your vision.

When you have an idea, it's time to work with Exohom's skilled designers and artisans. Describe your concepts, drawings, and preferences. Exohom will collaborate closely with you to establish a thorough design plan and to hone your idea through in-depth conversations and consultations.

Exohom Bespoke Dining Tables

Dining tables are more than just pieces of furniture; they are the heart of your dining room, where memories are made, and meals are shared and enjoyed. Customizing your dining table with Exohom is a unique way to improve your dining area because it lets you combine functionality, style, and taste.

Tulip Dining Table for 4 People

The "Tulip Dining Table for 4 People" by Exohom is an excellent example of how the beauty of simplicity and practicality never goes out of style. It has a sleek, round shape inspired by the beauty of a tulip flower. It goes well with a wide range of furniture styles, from modern to contemporary and even transitional. The materials used to make the Tulip Dining Table are gathered ethically, and the way the table is made aligns with eco-friendly ideals. Discover more about Tulip Dining Table for 4 People.

Bend Marble Dining Table

The Bend Marble Dining Table is a beautiful example of how modern design and classic luxury can come together in a single piece. Its rectangular shape gives it enough room for six people to sit easily, making it a great centerpiece for parties and small family dinners. This table stands out because of its interesting base, which is made natural marble. This combination of materials makes for a striking and well-balanced makeup. Make memories, host events in style, and enjoy the beauty of custom furniture that goes beyond looks. It signifies your refined taste and a source of pride in your home.

Exohom Bespoke Sofas

Al-Nair L Shape Modern Sofa

Exohom's Al-Nair L Shape Modern Sofa is a gem of modern design. You can have your individual needs met by tailoring the Al-Nair sofa. It is entirely up to you to decide which size, shape, and arrangement suits your dining area the best. To create a unified and harmonious aesthetic, the upholstery can also be chosen to complement your current décor.

Heze 3 Seater Sofa

The Exohom Heze 3 Seater Sofa is a monument to the classy refinement of traditional design. Your dining space will feel cozy and charming because of its three-seat design. Because of the sofa's elegant curves, exquisite artistry, and tufted upholstery, formal dining rooms are the ideal setting for it. Your guests will be impressed by the sofa's tufted upholstery and meticulous attention to detail.

Buy from Exohom

When you choose Exohom for your custom furniture requirements, you'll enjoy the luxury of possessing an asset of furniture that goes beyond mere visual appeal and instead becomes a vital part of your lifestyle, a reflection of your refined taste, and a point of pride in your house.