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Custom Sofa Set

Desire a living space that combines comfort and luxury? You need to look no further! Exohom specializes in making custom sofa sets that transform your living space into a haven of relaxation and elegance.

Exohom is committed to providing excellent quality and craftsmanship in every item we produce as a top furniture manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. To ensure every last element is expertly produced, our team of talented artisans and designers works relentlessly to realize your vision. We provide alterations so that your sofa set can be made to meet your specific requirements because we are aware that your living space reflects your personality and way of life. Thanks to our wide range of fabrics, colors, and finishes. With Exohom, you can design your ideal living room and create a space that reflects your individual style and personality. Plan to experience the peak of luxury and comfort with our amazing custom sofa sets.

Unleash Your Creativity: Custom Sofa Sets for Your Unique Style

Your living room is the heart of your house; it's where comfort and style come together and memories are created. Custom sofa sets' elegance and adaptability are unmatched when constructing your ideal living space. You can use Exohom to make your dream living room a reality and make it entirely your own.

At Exohom, we believe your living room should be an expression of your style and individuality. You have complete control over the design of our bespoke sofa sets, including fabric color and style. Our professional team of designers will collaborate with you closely to realize your vision, whether you choose a modern and trendy design or a timeless and classic style. The only restriction is your creativity with a vast range of customization choices.

Living Room Sofa Sets: Where Comfort and Class Meet

Transform your living room into a cozy and inviting space with an elegant living room sofa set that combines style, comfort, and Functionality.

It is essential to have a sofa set that complements your interior design and offers the highest level of comfort. Our collection of living room sofa sets creates an oasis of relaxation by combining luxurious fabrics, plush cushions, and ergonomic designs. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or eclectic design, we have the perfect sofa set collection for your aesthetic preferences. From sophisticated leather sofas to comfortable fabric sectionals, our selection is vast. Some living room sofa sets from Exohom include:

Caelum Designer Sofa

Caelum Designer Sofa

The Caelum Designer Sofa by Exohom is the epitome of style and grace, designed to elevate your living room to new heights of luxury. This stunning sofa is the ideal focal point for any new living area. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and features a seamless combination of style and comfort.

With measurements of H 70 cm x W 260 cm x D 120 cm, the Caelum Designer Sofa provides ample space for you and your loved ones to unwind and spend quality time together. The spacious seating area ensures that everyone can find their ideal location, whether lounging with a book, engaging in lively conversation, or unwinding after a long day.

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Antennae 3 Seater Sofa

Antennae 3 Seater Sofa

The Antennae 3 Seater Sofa is designed to be versatile and blends in beautifully with various home themes, including modern, innovative, or eclectic. The cotton fabric upholstery offers a hint of texture and visual appeal, and its simple lines and timeless design make it a timeless addition to any living area. The smooth and breathable cotton fabric adds a touch of elegance to your living room, which also offers unparalleled comfort when sitting.

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Outdoor Sofa Set: Embrace the Beauty of Nature

Why limit yourself to indoor comfort when you can extend the luxurious experience to your outdoor spaces? Our outdoor sofa sets are elegantly and durably crafted while being specifically made to endure the outdoors. These sets, made of materials that can withstand the elements, are ideal for entertaining guest's poolside, relaxing in your garden, or sitting on your patio.

We utilize excellent materials specially made to survive outdoors since we recognize that outdoor furniture needs to withstand the weather. Our outdoor couch sets are made to last, allowing you to enjoy their luxury and comfort for many years. They include weather-resistant wicker and sturdy aluminum frames.

Our extensive selection of outdoor sofa sets provides the ideal option to turn your outside area into a refuge of entertainment and leisure, whether you have a large patio, a modest balcony, or a large garden.

Wooden Sofa Set: Timeless Elegance and Natural Beauty

Our wooden sofa sets are the perfect option for those who value the coziness and allure of natural materials. These sets, made of fine hardwood, highlight the natural beauty of the wood while providing great longevity. The exceptional durability of a wooden sofa set is one of the several benefits of investing in one. Wood is renowned for its strength and durability, guaranteeing that your sofa set will endure time. Each piece is assembled by skilled artisans using the highest quality hardwood, assuring its durability. With proper maintenance, our wooden sofa sets can become cherished heirlooms handed down through the generations while retaining their beauty and functionality.

With their enduring elegance, natural beauty, and exceptional durability, these sets are an excellent investment in style and convenience. Whether you're curling up with a good book, hosting get-togethers with friends, or simply savoring moments of solitude, our wooden sofa sets offer the ideal setting for creating cherished memories. Embrace the timeless allure of wood furniture and enhance your living space with these two exquisite wooden sofa sets:

Viking Chesterfield Designer Sofa

The Viking Chesterfield Designer Sofa is a stunning work of art that combines comfort and elegance to create beautiful furniture. This sofa is more than just a place to recline; it also makes an elegant and sophisticated statement. Its low profile and deep seat provide a comfortable resting place. The sofa's handcrafted solid wood structure guarantees its sturdiness and durability, making it an excellent investment for any residence.

The rolled armrests and tufted button embellishments on the sand-colored leather upholstery lend an air of sophistication and luxury to the overall design.

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Aquila Designer Sofa

Aquila Designer Sofa

Exohom's Aquila Designer Sofa is an exquisite piece of furniture that will enhance the appearance and feel of any living space. This three-seat sofa is a work of art with supple tufting details and a variety of textures that add dimension and personality to any room.

The Aquila Designer Sofa is upholstered in high-quality cotton fabric, making it very comfortable to rest on. This sofa's gold powder-coated metal base is the finishing touch that makes it worthy of being the focal point of any luxurious living space. Exohom's commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures the longevity of your furniture. 

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Corner Sofa Sets: Optimize Your Space with Style

Our corner sofa sets are the ideal choice to increase the seats in your living room. These adaptable sets fit neatly into corners, efficiently using every square inch of space. No matter how big or tiny your house or apartment is, our corner sofa sets offer plenty of seating without sacrificing design. We provide many solutions to meet your unique needs, from L-shaped arrangements to U-shaped designs. You can completely transform your living area with a corner sofa set that perfectly fuses Functionality and elegance. The following sofa set is a one-of-a-kind example: -

Cluster Corner Sofa

Cluster Corner Sofa

The Cluster Corner Sofa perfectly balances aesthetics and comfort. Its size, cotton fabric upholstery, and powder-coated metal legs produce a visually striking and exceptionally comfortable corner sofa set. Whether you have a small apartment or a large living room, this corner sofa set will help you create a stylish and functional oasis where you can unwind, host guests, and create lasting memories. Elevate your living room with the Cluster Corner Sofa and allow it to become the centerpiece of your ideal living space.

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Customized Living Room Designs: Where Fashion meets Functionality

At Exohom, we believe that great design is the seamless combination of beauty and utility. Our design team continuously pushes the boundaries to create cutting-edge solutions that are customized to your specific needs. We are conscious that a living room needs to be useful, lifestyle-adaptable, and visually appealing. Our designs are meticulously thought out to enhance your living room experience, whether a modular sectional that can be easily changed to meet different seating arrangements or a reclining sofa that provides unmatched relaxation..

Guaranteed On-Time Free Delivery of Your Custom Sofa Sets

We understand the excitement of looking for the perfect sofa for your home and the anticipation of transforming your living area. We prioritize prompt delivery so that you may begin relishing your new paradise without delay. Our logistics staff meticulously plots out the most efficient route for delivery and keeps you informed every step of the way. Relax and let us take care of the details while waiting for the arrival of your masterpiece.

Crafting the Perfect Living Room: Discover the Exohom Difference

Exohom recognizes that your living room is more than simply a room; it is also a reflection of your personality, a setting for creating memories, and a place where you can be wholly yourself. Since every aspect of your experience with us must be exceptional and customized to meet your needs, we are dedicated to delivering the Exohom difference.

We spare no effort in our quest for excellence in creating sofa sets. With years of experience, our talented artisans use their knowledge and expertise to produce works that redefine comfort and elegance. Each part of our sofa sets, from the solid frame to the delicate stitching, is painstakingly made to guarantee endurance and durability. We only use the best materials when sourcing items to ensure that they are of the most remarkable caliber and made to last.


Custom sofa sets make it possible to design the living room of your dreams. Exohom provides a variety of sofa sets to suit your taste and style. There are settee sets for every need, ranging from opulent indoor options to hardy outdoor options. With Exohom's customizable options, you can create a genuinely personalized living room oasis by selecting the ideal design, size, material, and finish. Exohom has you covered, whether you choose a wooden sofa set that exudes timeless elegance, a corner sofa set that maximizes space, or an outdoor sofa set that embraces the majesty of nature.