Elevate Your Dining Experience: Best Dining Table and Chair Options in the UAE

Best Dining Table and Chair

To enhance your dining experience, creating a dining space that emanates elegance and comfort is essential. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a region renowned for its lavish way of life, dining table and chair options that can elevate the sophistication of your dining area are abundant. This in-depth blog post aims to introduce you to the finest dining table and chair options available in the UAE, focusing on Exohom, an esteemed furniture brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and designs.

Exohom recognizes the significance of a well-designed dining area and provides various dining furniture options to accommodate a variety of aesthetics and preferences. Exohom has the ideal pieces to transform your dining area into a captivating and inviting space, whether you prefer a contemporary, traditional, or modern aesthetic.

By perusing Exohom's exquisite selection, you can find the ideal dining table and chairs that combine functionality, style, and quality. Exohom ensures that your dining experience is elevated to a new level of sophistication and refinement with their attention to detail, dedication to customer fulfillment, and ability to customize furniture.

Exohom's Dining Tables

Exohom has a wide selection of dining tables with superb craftsmanship, innovative design, and practicality. Each dining table is painstakingly made from premium materials to serve as the centerpiece of your dining area. Let's explore a few of Exohom's unique dining tables:

Almond Round Dining Table

The Almond Round Dining Table emanates elegance and class. This round Table's circumference is 140 cm, and its height is 75 cm, making it ideal for small parties and talks. The substantial base adds stability and a dash of modernity and is painted with a complementary textured finish. The Table's marble top adds to its opulent appeal and creates a wonderful focal point for your dining room. The Almond Round Dining Table combines design and usability to create an arresting centerpiece for your dining area.

Wilma Designer Dining Table

Stylishly modern, the Wilma Designer Dining Table is a striking item. This Table has roomy dimensions, measuring 220 cm in width, 110 cm in depth, and 75 cm in height to accommodate large gatherings and entertaining. The Table's top is made of 15 mm thick tempered glass, which gives it a chic and classy look. The gold-painted metal base elevates the overall design, which offers a stunning contrast. The Wilma Designer Eating Table is ideal for people who value contemporary design and want a striking and eye-catching centerpiece for their eating space.

Melchor Designer Dining Table:

With a hint of extravagance, the Melchor Designer Dining Table mixes traditional elegance. With a width of 160 cm, a depth of 80 cm, and a height of 75 cm, this Table provides a flexible size for different dining areas. This table has a priceless marble surface that radiates elegance and natural beauty. The gold-painted metal base offers some glitz and balances the marble's beauty. The Melchor Designer Dining Table is ideal for those looking for a tasteful fusion of classic and modern components to create an elegant and alluring dining experience.

You can find the elite dining table for your dining area with Exohom's wide selection of sizes and finishes. Exohom's extensive selection of dining tables accommodates a variety of tastes and preferences, whether you're going for a huge statement or a more private setting.

Exohom's Dining Chairs

Exohom offers a wide selection of dining chairs that combine comfort and design to accompany their gorgeous dining tables. Each chair has been carefully designed to produce a unified and pleasant dining experience. Let's look at some of their noteworthy choices:

Ellery Designer Chair:

Modern design and plush comfort are combined in the Ellery Designer Chair. Thanks to its boucle wool fabric upholstery, this chair provides a pleasant and comfortable seating experience. The patterned cloth gives the dining space a refined touch and adds visual appeal. The Ellery Designer Chair is a versatile option for any dining area thanks to its clean lines and modern look, which effortlessly meld into diverse home styles.

Omega Slim Chair:

The Omega Slim Chair brings a touch of class to your dining area with its sleek and simple design. This chair perfectly balances beauty and comfort with its painted wood frame and imitation leather seat. Smaller dining areas benefit significantly from the chair's narrow form, which lets you maximize seating without losing design. A classic alternative that seamlessly matches any dining table is the Omega Slim Chair.

Ivory Designer Chair with Arm:

The Ivory Designer Chair with Arm is a timeless and elegant option for individuals looking for comfort and design. This chair provides a soft and welcoming seating experience owing to its upholstered fabric seat and backrest. The armrests give an extra layer of comfort and support, while the wood frame adds a touch of warmth and class. For you and your guests to enjoy a chic and cozy dining experience, the Ivory Designer Chair with Arm is ideal.

The aesthetic of Exohom's dining chairs prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality. Each chair is crafted with meticulous care and superior craftsmanship to ensure durability and longevity. Combining these exquisite dining chairs with Exohom's exquisite dining tables allows you to create a visually enthralling dining space that enhances the dining experience.

Customization and Personalization

Customization of your dining furniture is one of the significant advantages of using Exohom. The company is aware that each consumer has particular tastes and needs. Exohom can meet your requirements regardless of whether you like a specific color, fabric, or size. Their talented artisans will collaborate directly with you to design custom dining furniture that properly reflects your concept. Exohom also provides a variety of upholstery choices, giving you access to a massive selection of premium fabrics and finishes. Exohom offers many options to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic tastes, whether you like plush velvet, rugged leather, or more useful stain-resistant material.

Exohom offers personalized consultations and customized choices to assist you in selecting the right dining furniture. They can ensure that your eating space reflects your distinct personality and style by sharing insights into various design types, space planning, and harmonization.


Your dining experience can be significantly improved by choosing the appropriate dining table and chairs. Exohom, an established furniture manufacturer in the UAE, offers a variety of dining furniture alternatives that integrate elegance, functionality, and craftsmanship. Exohom's dining tables and chairs are available in various styles and designs, from modern to traditional. In addition, their dedication to personalization guarantees that you may design a dining room that is genuinely one-of-a-kind and individualized. Discover Exohom's unique options to elevate your eating experience and make your dining space a paradise of comfort and elegance. You may design a dining area that fulfills its purpose, reflects your style, and heightens the joy of sitting down to a meal with your loved ones by utilizing Exohom's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.