Exohom strategy for increasing customer experience

Exohom strategy for increasing customer experience

Not long ago, furniture sales were considered incompatible with e-commerce. Consumers wanted to physically touch and feel furniture products before making a purchase decision.

A pandemic occurred around the world when fast-forwarding towards 2020 and the transition to online shopping was necessary for many consumers due to the widespread blockade.

This need has begun to change the needs of consumers. Over the past year, people have become more comfortable buying all types of products online, including furniture that was previously considered unsuitable for initial e-commerce sales. How consumers want to buy furniture presents new challenges to the industry.

Furniture E-commerce

As more shoppers buy furniture online, industry leaders need to double their digital experience after complementing their physical stores with digital commerce services. Today, it's important for brands to redesign their customer experience and find ways to present furniture products in innovative ways.

Taking advantage of advanced technology

Exohom, a product of Exotic Interiors has been manufacturing prefabricated furniture for restaurants, home offices and entertainment centers during the past 15 years and is renowned for combining quality and functionality with the latest styles. A furniture designer and manufacturer.

Reinventing the Digital Experience

It is becoming a well known fact that, today's consumers want to choose and personalize the purchase of furniture before ordering. increase. Furniture online stores need to adapt to consumer demands, stay competitive and stay on top.

Exohom Digital Experience

To be competitive and be on top, Exohom is leveraging advanced technology to deliver a high-quality digital experience to its users online. Exohom aims to provide consumers with an outstanding e-commerce experience directly, beyond the interaction of consumers on their websites.

To achieve this goal and support the entire lead-to-cache process, the company sought assistance in implementing advanced e-commerce and customer experience features integrated into the Shopify applications.

Needing help to refine its e-commerce project strategy, the company is developing meaningful social media experience services and take advantage of community based solutions, gaining expert help in everything from cross-solution architecture to digital strategy.