Maisie Italian Marble Side Table
Maisie Italian Marble Side Table
Maisie Italian Marble Side Table

Maisie Italian Marble Side Table

12,000 AED
Size: Diameter 60 cm x Height 55 cm
Diameter 60 cm x Height 55 cm
Material: Natural Italian Calacatta Viola Marble
Natural Italian Calacatta Viola Marble
Natural Italian Calacatta Viola Marble
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Presenting the Maisie Italian Marble Side Table, a Marvel of Enduring Beauty and Extraordinary Comfort!

Our Maisie Italian Marble Side Table is the epitome of luxury, expertly made to dazzle and impress. You will be completely captivated by the perfect synthesis of lavish design and expert construction.

This side table is 60 cm in diameter and 55 cm in height, making it both imposing and magnificent. Its size and presence are impressive and adaptable, making it suitable for everything from grand living rooms to cozy niches.

Our natural Italian Calacatta Viola marble will enchant you with its heavenly beauty. Each table is as unique as the stars above, with hypnotic purple and white veins dancing across the top. The uniqueness of your Maisie Side Table is a monument to the beauty of nature, and it guarantees that no other table in the world will ever look quite like yours.

This magnificent invention combines two concepts: utility and luxury. The marble surface is smooth and welcoming, waiting for your most precious items. Place a stylish light in the room, adorn it with a bouquet, or exhibit your possessions. There's enough space for all your needs, and the sturdy construction ensures your peace of mind.

See how perfectly modern appeal blends with timeless elegance. The Maisie Side Table invites you into unparalleled elegance with its delicate profile and spare design. It's like a chameleon in that it can blend in with any decor, from ultra-contemporary to ornately traditional. Take advantage of its flexibility and watch as your home is transformed into a haven of refined elegance.

Immerse yourself in a sea of luxury and seclusion. The exquisite Maisie Italian Marble Side Table UAE is the result of meticulous craftsmanship. The stunning beauty of the Calacatta Viola marble is on full display in this exquisitely designed space.

The Italian Marble Side Table is a luxurious addition to any room. Make it the centerpiece of your living room, and prepare to hear gasps of appreciation from your guests as they take in its dazzling beauty. Give in to the temptation of Italian high fashion and make a bold, elegant statement. The Maisie Side Table is the peak of sophistication, where form and function are perfectly balanced for your utmost enjoyment.
Shipping & Return

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• Depending upon the situation and the product, delivery can be expedited.
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• Marble or Granite being natural products bound to have variation in color & Patterns. Also
Veins, Surface crack are characteristics of natural stones, hence unavoidable.
• Product once ordered cannot be cancelled.

Sustainability & environment
• The planet must be positively impacted by our actions. As a result, we aim to have all materials in our products recycled or renewable by 2030.
• All the products that we make are from renewable materials such as metal, marble, wood, etc, instead of fossilized or finite materials.