Melotte Low Travertine Table Side Look
Melotte Low Travertine Table
Melotte Low Travertine Table Decor
Melotte Low Travertine Coffee Table
Melotte Low Travertine Table Front View
Melotte Low Travertine Table Close Up

Melotte Low Travertine Table

6,900 AED
Size: W 100 X L 55 X H 35 CM
W 100 X L 55 X H 35 CM
Material: Traventine Marble
Traventine Marble
Traventine Marble
Color: Brown
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 Melotte's Low Travertine Table is constructed with high-quality marble. These materials work together to give the table a polished, contemporary aesthetic while making it sturdy enough to survive regular use. The natural beauty of the travertine surface gives a touch of refinement to any room, and its neutral tone makes it easy to mix with any decor style.

The Melotte Table by Exohom is ideal for people with limited space or who like a more open design in their homes due to its low profile. The Tabletop has plenty of room for displaying books, periodicals, or decorative items. Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of the Melotte Low Travertine Table.

The Melotte Low Travertine Table is attractive functional, and very low-maintenance. Travertine doesn't peel or discolor easily, unlike other surfaces, making it a practical option for high-traffic areas. To preserve its pristine condition, clean the surface with a moist cloth. 

Those searching for a low table that exudes class and refinement can go no further than the Melotte Travertine Table. This coffee table's classic style and sturdy build guarantee it will last for many years in your living room.

So there's no reason to hold off. You may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by ordering a Melotte Low Travertine Table right now.

Shipping & Return

• The current estimated delivery time for our Exohom collection in UAE is 4-6 weeks.
• Depending upon the situation and the product, delivery can be expedited.
• For more information, contact us to understand the delivery process and why we take 4-6 weeks.
• Marble or Granite being natural products bound to have variation in color & Patterns. Also
Veins, Surface crack are characteristics of natural stones, hence unavoidable.
• Product once ordered cannot be cancelled.

Sustainability & environment
• The planet must be positively impacted by our actions. As a result, we aim to have all materials in our products recycled or renewable by 2030.
• All the products that we make are from renewable materials such as metal, marble, wood, etc, instead of fossilized or finite materials.