Designing Your Dining Space: Dubai's Luxury Dining Tables

Luxury Dining Tables

Family time occurs during meals, when everyone gathers to discuss their days. Often, it's the only occasion when the whole family gets together to enjoy special moments. As an outcome, eating becomes a more pleasant activity.

In Dubai, your dining area should represent the city's elegance, luxury, and innovation. Long talks can be had in a dining room with excellent interior design since it is a welcoming space where one can unwind and revitalize the senses.

Exohom is a great place to visit if you're seeking the best of the best. Exohom is specialize in creating custom home furniture with a variety of dining tables and other furniture products, which we craft using the best components, skills and workmanship.

Benefits of Exohom's bespoke dining tables

For homeowners wishing to upgrade their dining area, custom dining tables are a great option because they come with a number of benefits. Here are some persuasive arguments for choosing bespoke dining tables for your home:

  • Flexible to Your Space: One of the greatest benefits of custom dining tables is that they can be made to fit your particular space. A custom table can be made to maximize the use of the available space, assuring a perfect fit, whether you have a little eating nook or a huge formal dining room.
  • Reflects Your Style: You can exhibit your style and taste by getting custom dining tables. Working together with a designer, you can make a table that exactly matches your tastes in interior design, whether they are modern, classic, rustic, or any other style.
  • Material Choice: When you go wit a Bepsoke dining table, it gives you the liberty to go with the materials that best fits your design goals and needs for durability. By doing this, you can be sure that your table will last for a long time in addition to being gorgeous.
  • Unique Design: Custom tables offer the chance to design a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Making your dining table an authentic piece of art that represents your individuality and personality.
  • Size and Shape: With customization, you can choose your dining table's size and shape based on your requirements and preferences. A unique design can satisfy your needs whether you want a round, rectangular, oval, or even hexagonal table.
  • Seating Capacity: Depending on the size of your family or how often you entertain friends, you may select a custom dining table that fits the precise number of people you want to sit comfortably. Doing this means you won't need extra furniture or a table that is too big for your daily needs.
  • Sustainability: With exohom you can make eco-friendly decisions to ensure that your dining table reflects your values and helps create a more sustainable future.

With Exohom's bespoke dining tables, design a practical dining area that represents your individual tastes and preferences. It offers flexibility in size, form, material, and style, ensuring that your dining space emerges as a distinctive feature in your home. Check out our top bespoke dining tables in UAE.

  1. Chantal Modern Dining Table

Materials: Wooden Base with Travertine Marble Top

Nature's beauty and modern style come together in the Chantal Modern Dining Table. The travertine marble top lends a touch of classic elegance, while the wooden base offers a sturdy base. For people who value the harmony of contrasting materials, this table skillfully combines natural elements with contemporary aesthetics. It brings a feeling of peace and style to modern and transitional designs.

The Chantal Dining Table impresses with both its stunning beauty and exceptional dependability. This table blends style and functionality for your daily needs, making it durable.

  1. Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table

You may enjoy the comfort of your own home while enjoying the attraction of natural marble with the Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table. Due to its distinctive hexagonal shape, this table can accommodate four or six diners in various combos. With a 130-centimeter circle and 75-centimeter height, the Sirius Hexagonal Dining Table is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the true beauty of natural materials.

  1. Spectrum Travertine Dining Table

The Spectrum Travertine Dining Table honors the inherent beauty of natural materials. The Spectrum Travertine Dining Table UAE, carefully crafted from the finest Natural Travertine Marble.  

Your dining area will be entirely transformed by the stunning design of the Spectrum Dining Table. By carefully integrating natural materials with modern design, you may give your home an inviting feel. Don't miss this amazing chance to show elite taste and flair in your UAE home.

  1. Natural Calacatta Viola Marble Dining Table

The Natural Calacatta Viola Marble Dining Table is the most luxurious thing you can get. Made of the valuable Italian Calacatta Viola marble, it is a work of art and luxury.

Our marble dining table set is classy and elegant, making it great for UAE residents with high standards. Its perfect building and careful attention to detail make it an ideal showstopper for Dubai residences and an example of elegant design.

You can eat a full meal in style with our marble table set. We offer a beautiful dining set with a Natural Calacatta Viola Marble Dining Table and chairs that were picked to match its refined appearance. Dine in the lap of luxury and get service that can't be beaten, all while being comfortable and stylish.


Your dining space in Dubai needs nothing less than the best, and these luxury bespoke dining tables by Exohom are made to give you just that. Each table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a work of art, a sign of your refined taste, and an invitation to create memorable dining moments.

Adding one of our custom dining tables to your home isn't just a way to improve your dining area; it's also a way to create a space that reflects the spirit of Dubai, a city where luxury, innovation, and grace are part of society's extreme tapestry. So, when designing your dining area in Dubai, don't settle with the average. Choose an Exohom dining table that captures the unique spirit, and let your dining space become a testament to the art of living in luxury.