9 Trendy Coffee Table Designs to Elevate Your Living Room in Dubai

Trendy Coffee Table Designs

Coffee tables and the sofa are an essential component in the living room that give it charm. The coffee table creates a remarkable feeling of balance, which integrates all of the living room's furnishings prospects. It also provides a comfortable structure for lounging and entertaining. There are several things to consider, including size, material, and style, when choosing the appropriate coffee table to support the sofa and enhance the usability of the space. Mixing up the materials on your coffee tables is an excellent approach to give your room more texture and visual interest.

Deciding on the ideal coffee table for your living room

Make sure that your coffee table is the right size for your room before you begin adorning it. You must select a coffee table that complements the design, proportion, and size of your living room from among the many different styles, sizes, and materials available. Choose a round or oval coffee table rather than a rectangular one if your living room is small because they will take up less space. Choose a rectangle or square coffee table for a spacious living room if you want more surface area for decor and functional items.

Here are some shapes and designs to think about for coffee tables:

  • Rectangular: A traditional and adaptable shape that complements numerous styles, including conventional, modern, and contemporary, is rectangular.
  • Square: excellent for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere, great for eclectic and transitional styles.
  • The round shape blends well with bohemian, seaside, and mid-century modern themes and gives a touch of refinement to a room.
  • Oval: The oval is a special shape that gives a touch of sophistication and blends well with many different styles, including traditional, Scandinavian, and contemporary.

Exohom offers 10 trendy coffee table designs to elevate your living room in Dubai to help you reach the perfect mix of aesthetics and usefulness.

  1. Miro Oval Coffee table

The Miro Oval Coffee table adds natural beauty and elegance to your home. Travertine marble makes the oval table top smooth and complete, complementing many decors. The table's Travertine marble base with modern geometrical shapes is durable and modern.

The Miro oval table fits medium to small living rooms and complements old and modern styles. Its smooth texture makes it easy to clean and preserve. To make the table the focal point of the space, put it in the middle. Put a small vase or other glass ornament there to style it. This coffee table in Dubai is great for those who value grace, beauty, and refinement.


  1. Marx Oval Marble Coffee

The Marx Oval Marble Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture that lends elegance to any living space. A single block of naturally formed Calacatta Viola marble created the table, creating a remarkable item. A protective coating is applied to shield the table against stains and discoloration.

With its oval shape and measurements of 130 cm in length, 70 cm in width, and 45 cm in height, this marble coffee table Dubai is the perfect fit for your living room. The elegant Calacatta Viola marble's smooth black veins give your décor a feeling of elegance and class. Explore now for more features.

  1. Adriana Round Coffee Table

With the Adriana Round Coffee Table, you may discover a realm where the majesty of nature and grace meets. This wonderfully designed showpiece will transform Your living room into an elegant retreat.

This round coffee table's wooden base gives off a warm, welcoming atmosphere that fills your house with a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. It has unique textures that come together to form an organic symphony that is both aesthetically and spiritually satisfying.

Experience the perfect fusion of timeless elegance and natural beauty when you discover the charm of the Adriana Round Coffee Table Dubai.

  1. Elvi Travertine Coffee Table

Exohom's Elvi Travertine Coffee Table brings a touch of old-world elegance to your living room. Blending classic design with modern materials, this table is beautiful and functional. The sleek simplicity of the design makes a fantastic first impression on any house.

The Elvi Travertine Coffee Table combines travertine marble's durability with the powder-coated steel base style. The steel base gives the table a contemporary feel, while the tabletop provides a stable place for coffee, books, and decorations.

  1. Oak Romano Coffee Table

An enduring piece of furniture, the Oak Romano Coffee Table will improve the ambiance of the living area. The ideal addition to any living area, café, or cuisine is this coffee table. This product from Exohom has been created with longevity and ease of use in mind. The base is meticulously crafted from solid Oak wood, guaranteeing its durability and longevity.

The unique material combination leads to a coffee table that is both functional and beautiful. Add this stunning and useful item right now to your room!


  1. Sculptor Oval Coffee Table

When you furnish your living room with the magnificent Sculptor Oval Coffee Table, it will be elevated to a whole new level. Due to its distinctive oval tabletop's seamless blending of form and function, this coffee table is a wonderful work of art. As it is made of high-quality materials, this coffee table created by Exohom is both beautiful and durable.

The Sculptor Oval Coffee Table is a fantastic choice if you want to remodel your living room or add a touch of refinement and elegance to the area.

  1. Melotte High Travertine Table

The Melotte High Travertine Table by Exohom is a superb illustration of how form and function can work together flawlessly. The concept of opposites served as the inspiration for the table's unique design, creating a form that is both delicate and simple.

This sculpture's remarkable appearance is likely to impress with its distinctive texture and color variations because it is made of Travertine Marble in a sand hue. The geometric design gives a sense of sophistication to any space, while the natural material softens the overall appearance. With its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Melotte High Travertine Table is a wonderful work of art that will enhance any space.

  1. Valencia Glass Coffee Table

The Valencia Glass Coffee Table by Exohom adds elegance to your living space! The top of this classy coffee table is made of crystal clear glass, with an Oak Wood base. Since the glass top enlarges your living space, it is the ideal focal point for contemporary houses.

The table's modern look, which blends glass and wood, is perfect for those who enjoy luxury. The transparent glass top, which is easy to clean, is supported by the Ash Wood base. For decorating or for serving coffee and other drinks, this coffee table looks excellent.

  1. Crystal Clear Coffee Table

Your living area will look better with the Exohom Crystal Clear Coffee Table! The table is ideal for adding elegance or improving your décor.

This coffee table is elevated by its distinctive design. The crystal clear surface is modern, while the marble ends provide elegance.

For busy families, the glass surface is simple to clean, and the marble ends help to avoid scratches and stains. Today, purchase the Crystal Clear Coffee Table. Due to its gorgeous design and practical features, this coffee table will be the ideal addition to your living space for years to come.


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